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Tera Online: What Are BAMs?

TERA BAMs - Big Ass MonstersYou often see this abbreviation on the official forums and various fansites, so for those of you who have no clue what BAMs are, this short explanation should be helpful.

BAM stands for Big Ass Monster. Really, it does! To draw a comparison to other MMORPGs, BAMs in Tera are basically elites. They are rare monsters that award extra experience and drop better items, which clearly explains why many players are farming them often. Chasing after BAMs is a great way to make the leveling process easier and faster.

Kaidun is a BAM in TeraYou’ll start encountering Big Ass Monsters after around level 20. An example of a BAM is Kaidun, displayed in the picture above. He’s a member of Argons, the main villains in the game. Kaidun has abilities such as Knockback and Enrage, so if you encounter him or any other BAM, caution is required!

BAMs often lead to unlocking achievements as well, which is why many players are hunting them at endgame.

Some BAMs are harder to kill, and some are also easier. While you can generally solo them, you might want to group up with other players as well. Note that some classes can solo them more easily as well. You can recognize BAMs by a skull icon next to its name, so if you encounter any in the world of Arborea, you know what to expect.

For more detailed tips about BAMs in Tera and other strategies, check out these awesome guides.

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