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TERA Online Berserker Class: Smash Them All

Castanic BerserkerThe Berserker is one of many of the characters of Tera-online, along with the lancer, archer, mystic, priest, slayer, sorcerer and warrior classes. This character is the best at close range damage out of the crew, he can plow right through his enemies with his sharp axe, while being protected with his heavy armor. He is best at the strikes, stuns, and shouts including the overhead, circular, and charged strikes.

This character gets to shake the grounds that the opponent stands on, hitting the ground to produce a tremble effect of the enemy. This character can stand tall against those enemies that charge him, and make those that get close enough fly away with a single blow of his mighty battle axe. Considered the battlefield juggernaut, he carries the best weapon, the most powerful one, of the game. When in battle if you find a berserker that is not on your side, the sight of his axe and mighty power will make you think twice about running up on him.

The powerful two handed axe is slow to swing while rushing in to battle; however, the berserker carries the heaviest armor that the game offers to help absorb enemy attacks while keeping his balance. This character has a keen sense of the support skill used to help those of lighter armor and more mobility warriors.

The offense skills of this character are great; however, the defense skills are completely up to the wear his armor can handle. His offensive skills include forceful overhand strikes, whirling attacks, and ground shaking blows that stun their enemies. The berserker can also shout to demoralize their attackers and other opponents. As their MP advances so do their ability to learn more intense moves and strikes.

This character is good in groups or alone, they have several things to learn as they advance in their levels. The advancing helps them to learn special moves that will help them defeat their enemies solo or with a group, making them one to be paired with if you are an archer or warrior. Along with the other skills, the berserker also has a dash skill that helps them balance out the slowness from the heavy armor and axe. Some of the attacks from this character are slower than others, but once they make contact more than likely the blows are lethal.

This character is unique, they can absorb the damage that they deal to their enemies while charging up their own MP and using the damage points to increase their HP. They can increase their strength making the battle last only but a few minutes with each enemy. Their ability to defend themselves is better than most of the classes offered. With a berserker in your group, their destruction count will always make them an asset to having while in battle or on the battlefield.

The mighty berserker is a great character to have if you are one of the classes that carry lower than low armor, such as the archer. Less armor proves to be best in mobility, however with oncoming strikes it can cause you to lose your HP along with your life.

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