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Sith Warrior – SWTOR’s Deadliest Class

Sith WarriorIn one of the furthest corners of the galaxy, there exists a race who are very fiercely determined that the galaxy shall one day be theirs. These are the Sith Empire Warriors who rule in the dark regions and have completely conquered the areas of Korriban and are moving onwards towards the next target. Driving around in the spaceship among the planets needs skill and sheer daring, it is not easy for those who are afraid to reach the farthermost planets Ileum, and finding the enemies is going to prove tough. Coruscant, Balmorra, Quesh, Tattoine and Ord Mantell are some of the planets.

Getting to understand SWTOR Sith Warrior class needs some explanation. You are free to choose to become either the Empire Player or the Republic player. This has four subdivisions which are classes which are different for both the classes. Each class has two specializations which make it very interesting. As the game progresses, you will see how the power of the player varies or increases.

SWTOR Sith Warrior class has the two “promotions” or advanced classes called Juggernaut and Marauder. Similarly the playstyle of each class is different. The Sith Warrior Class has the Fury starship as well and you should find out how they handle as soon as you get on to the controls. Many of the skills of the fighters and the talents are still not clear; it will be become apparent when the game is released. Daniel Erickson, the game writing director has said that in the initial launch of the SWTOR would be with 15 flashpoints (instances). The game would proceed through many levels till the player reaches the end game when the level would be 50.

Taking part in melee and flying in outer space is just the same for these players on the galactic wars. Moving up the levels would make the hazards more difficult to conquer and give more strength to the player. Getting the points remains the paramount aim of the players and one should keep one’s eyes peeled for this. The light sabers can be used by both the sides, but to make the game interesting, the sequence is so arranged that the colors are very difficult to obtain.

Ever since the battle erupted between the two factions, the Empire fighters have taken over the planet Korriban and have established a training academy there and the Republic warriors were driven out. Getting even is what the game is all about. You are allowed to fight in as one of the characters and you will need to progress. As you keep up with the game, you will be given new powers.

It is equally exciting to be a Sith Warrior as it is to be a Jedi Knight. But Sith Warrior is slier than his Republic counterpart: the Jedi Knight. The powers of the talent tree also seem to be different. Though the action would be the same it is only in the powers which are allotted to the various actors which make the difference. People who are more adventurous than the others would like to be Sith Warrior class and indulge in some magical skullduggery.

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