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Guild Wars 2 Guides To Help You Step Up Your Game

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The upcoming sequel to one of the most popular MMORP games of all times, Guild Wars 2, will bring many new features to the table. A lot of things have been changed and improved, and while the basis of most is in the original Guild Wars game, obviously significant improvements were necessary in order to make this a completely new game, and not just another expansion to an existing one.

In Guild Wars 2 we’re seeing changes done to races, classes (professions), PvP, skills and abilities, combat mechanics and many more. Even those gamers who played Guild Wars for the past few years many of the changed mechanics in GW2 will be a challenge and will require some time and research to figure out exactly how they work. That’s why GW2 guides are so important: they will help new players get familiarized with the game much faster, and veteran players will learn the exact differences in GW2 and GW, and won’t feel like they’re missing out on anything.

There are some quality Guild Wars 2 strategy and leveling guides that are available, but some of them are of lesser quality than the others. Personally from the several that I’ve read I prefer Killerguides, since this one seems to be the most detailed and comprehensive one. Killerguides Guild Wars 2 guide includes information on nearly every aspect of the game, including leveling and quests, races and professions, PvP and PvE, gold making, abilities and skills, dungeons, achievements, and several other highly useful chapters that will help you get a better understanding of the game and level up your characters in record speed.

Guild Wars 2 WallpaperOverall I would highly recommend you take a look at just some of the GW2 guides that are available and see if you like any. If you do decide to get one it will in all likelihood be a very good decision as they help incredibly in learning and understanding Guild Wars 2. No matter your previous experiences with MMORPGs or even Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2 is a completely new game that bring many new features to the genre and as such can be overwhelming for new players. A quality guide will definitely ensure your learning curve is far shorter than what most other players experience and I strongly suggest you give it a try.

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