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Diablo 3 Barbarian Trailer Revealed

Diablo 3 Barbarian WallpaperDiablo III will get released next month and Blizzard is constantly reminding us of that by revealing new stuff about the game.

While the Barbarian class is not new, the official trailer is. I always play melee/warrior classes in RPGs so Barbarian is my top choice in Diablo 3 as well. For some reason, nothing’s more exciting than swirling a massive axe or sword for me, and spellcasters gameplay is often more passive and boring.

I already pre-ordered Diablo so I can’t wait for the release. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get into the beta, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing: at least I’ll have even more incentive to play.

D3 Barbarian WallpaperThe only class missing an official trailer now is the Witch Hunter, but judging by the imminent release date we’ll see it in a week or so. You can watch trailers for other classes here.

I’ve been killing time with Path of Exile recently so I’ll probably manage to survive until D3 release, but if you have any other suggestions on what I could play in the meantime let me know.

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  • diablo 3 speed guide says:

    I totally agree to your opinions. Anyone else leveling up a barbarian in Diablo3 at the moment?
    I could love to hear how is others having fun with it.