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Borderlands 2 Gunzerker & Siren Previews

Borderlands was one of the surprisingly entertaining game I had the chance of playing in the past few years. I’ve found it particularly fun since I played the entire thing in co-op with friends, making the experience that much better. Since Borderlands 2 will feature co-op gameplay as well, obviously I’m looking forward to its release.

Just a few short days ago IGN managed to snag some video footage of Borderlands 2 gameplay. In it we can see a new user interface with an improved trading system, which will make co-op much easier for everyone:

Borderlands 2 Trading Menu

Additionally, we have some more details on a couple of classes. Gunzerker is similar to the tank character from the prequel, but instead of punching it has a special ability to equip two weapons with regenerating ammo, and a taunt making sure enemies focus him:

Borderlands 2 Gunzerker

Watch the Gunzerker preview video below:

A preview of Siren class is also available.

Borderlands 2 Siren

Siren was in previous Borderlands title, but her special ability has now been changed to Phase Lock which traps her enemies for a short period:

 Borderlands 2 Siren Phase Lock

Be sure to also watch the Siren video preview:

Watching and reading about this stuff really gets me excited about Borderlands 2, and I also can’t wait to see how the other 3 classes fare with the changes. Until September 18th when the game gets released, I’m sure we’ll know much more about the game.

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