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Beginners Guide To Dungeons In Rift

Rift logoDungeons in Rift: Planes of Telara are instanced areas players can go to in order to fight more challenging monsters and bosses. Dungeons typically require a fully party of five players. Each role should be fulfilled, meaning a party should consist of a tank (player who takes monster aggro and most damage), healer and damage dealers. Making sure your party has all three of these class roles is the first step to making sure you complete a dungeon without too much trouble.

There’s 10 different dungeons available to players at this time, spread throughout the world of Telara. Some of them are only available to certain factions, but most dungeons can be accessed by players of either faction.

Below you’ll find a few details about each available dungeon, its location, list of bosses, and resources on where you can get the best boss strategies!

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Before entering a dungeon…

…make sure you keep the following in mind! Here’s my list of the few things you should do before entering a dungeon.

1. Get the required level

It’s always better to be above the required level for a particular dungeon because it will be much easier for you to do your job in that case, be it healing, tanking or damaging. Visiting an instance when you’re 2-3 levels above it’s minimum or even recommended level is smart as it will allow you to complete it easier.

2. Pick up the quests

This is really a no brainer. If you’re going to an instance, make sure you have all the quests and complete them. These dungeon quests often have really great equipment rewards which you don’t want to miss out on. You’ll also be getting additional experience which will help you level up and move on to other leveling zones more quickly.

3. Read the boss strategies

This is probably the most important part of dungeons in Rift. You have to know how to defeat bosses or you will die a lot and needlessly waste a ton of time. Don’t expect your party members to know everything and tell you how to fight bosses: be a good player and make sure to read up on every boss’ ability and strategy to defeating them.

Dungeon: Iron Tombs

Iron Tombs is located in the Defiant starting area of Freemarch. This dungeon is meant for levels 19+. There are a total of five quests for this dungeon, all of which are given inside it. The first quest is the standard automatic quest you receive for entering which is also automatic. There are two more additional quest given by Eliam’s Ghost at the entrance. Two other quests are given deeper in the dungeon by Tobias Leighton and Davian Crow.

Iron Tombs ScreenshotQuests

  1. Release the March Wardens
  2. Relics of the March Warden
  3. Source of the Control
  4. You Are Who They Call
  5. Laid to Rest


  1. Caor Ashtone
  2. The Three Kings
  3. Ragnoth the Despoiler

Dungeon: Realm of the Fae

This dungeon is meant for levels 17-19 and is located in the northern part of Silverwood, the first zone for new Guardian characters. There are three quests associated with this dungeon and two are given inside the zone. As with all dungeons, the first quest is the automatic dungeon quest, the second is given to you by an NPC at the entrance and third is given from an NPC in Sanctum.

Fae Lord TwylQuests

  1. Lords of the Fae Realm
  2. The Land of Seasons
  3. The Crown of Twyl


  1. Trickster Maelow
  2. Luggodhan
  3. Battlemaster Atrophinius
  4. Fae Lord Twyl

Dungeon: Darkening Deeps

Darkening Deeps is an approximately level 24-27 instanced dungeon situated in The Guardian zone of Gloamwood. It is part of the story arc that started in Silverwood and continued in Gloamwood.

Darkening Deeps screenshotQuests

  1. The Toxic Source
  2. Dragon Worship
  3. Automatic Dungeon Quest


  1. Alchemist Braxtepel
  2. Michael Bringhurst
  3. Tegenar Deepfang
  4. Council Geldo

Dungeon: Deepstrike Mines

Deepstrike Mines is made for players of levels 24 through 26 and is located in the western half of Stonefield near Granite Falls. There are many quests associated with this dungeon; except for the automatic quest, all quests are for Defiant players only.

Deepstrike Mines entranceQuests

  1. Deep Threats
  2. Gregori’s Revelation
  3. Slaughtering the Butchers
  4. The Foreman’s Disgrace
  5. The Saga of the Endless: Endless Digging
  6. Stolen Source
  7. Reclaiming What’s Ours


  1. Overseer Markus
  2. Gregori Krezlav
  3. Bonehew the Thunderer
  4. Gatekeeper Kaleida

Dungeon: Foul Cascade

Foul Cascade is a level 30 instance that is located in the northern section of Scarlet Gorge. The only way to access it is to climb the winding ramps to the top through many packs of mobs. This is the earliest level dungeon that is shared in by both the Defiant and Guardians. Each faction has two quests associated with the dungeon, not including the automatic repeating quest.

Foul Cascade entranceQuests

  1. Guardian
  2. Corrupted Queen
  3. Orders From Alsbeth
  4. Gnar Residue
  5. Defiant
  6. Corrupted Queen
  7. Corrupted Rituals
  8. Heart of Stone


  1. Matron Verosa
  2. Countess Surin Skenobar
  3. Krasimir Barionov
  4. Queen Vallnara

Dungeon: King’s Breach

Scarwood Reach is divided by two opposed elements, ravaged by rifts, and fought over fiercely by spawn of the elements. King’s Breach is a dungeon designed for levels 33-37 and is located in Scarwood Reach.

King's Breach screenshotQuests

  1. Protect the Breach
  2. The Bombs of Life
  3. Prophecy of Nestor (Guardian)
  4. Strange Plots of the Aelfwar (Defiant)


  1. Hunter Suleng
  2. Ravalos
  3. Mondrach and Autoch
  4. Shadehorror Phantasm

Dungeon: Runic Descent

Runic Descent is an instance in the Moonshade Highlands. It is designed for level 38+ players for starting level, you can go in earlier however the level difference of mobs makes it harder for effective hitting. A good healer could go in at a lower level.

Runic Descent entranceQuests

  1. Tending the Garden
  2. Sins of Stone
  3. Sprouting Hope (Guardian faction only)


  1. Rictus
  2. Wormwood
  3. Warden Falidor

Dungeon: Fall of Lantern Hook

Guardians are drawn to Lantern Hook by dreams and visions, believing their experiences at the bottom of the well are part of a revelation from the Vigil. The Defiant, no strangers to time travel, believe that the Fall of Lantern Hook is but another alternate future like the one they hail from, where Regulos devours the world with the wasting energies of Death. The Fall of the Lantern Hook is for Defiant faction, and is recommended for levels 42-46.

Fall of Lantern Hook entranceQuests

  1. Hope Still Burns
  2. Wash it Away
  3. Against the Odds


  1. Rorf
  2. Pyromaster Cortilnald
  3. Emberlord Ereetu

Dungeon: Abyssal Precipice

The highest spires of Iron Pine Peak are rightly called the roof of Telara, snow-capped giants from whose shoulders climbers could once look out upon the whole world. Today, these lofty peaks overlook a swirling storm of sleet and snow, as if hovering over an endless void. Abyssal Precipice is designed for players leve 48-50 and is located in Iron Pine Peak.

Abyssal Precipice ScreenshotQuests

  1. King of the Mountain
  2. The Book of Sunken Dreams (Guardian faction)
  3. Deep Touched Technology (Defiant faction)
  4. Sword of Thedeor (Guardian faction)


  1. Kale Andrenos
  2. Majolic the Bloodwalker
  3. Calyx the Ancient

Dungeon: Charmer’s Caldera

Deep in the southern reaches of the Shimmersand Desert lies Charmer’s Caldera. Centuries ago it was the center of Ethian glory, a factory dedicated to the creation of machines. Long ago it was destroyed and forgotten by many, but not all. The Storm Legion seeks to reclaim and dominate this ancient factory to take control of it’s power so that they can bring any planar creatures into the realm of Telara. This instance is designed for players level 48-50.

Charmers Caldera screenshotQuests

  1. Charmer’s Caldera
  2. Evil’s Root (G), All That Glitters (D)
  3. In Death We Part


  1. Smouldaron
  2. Cyclorax
  3. Ryka Dharvos
  4. Caelia the Stormtouched

Additional Resources

If you want to learn more about the game you can check out the following few sites.

#1: Rift Dungeons – includes best descriptions and boss strategies for all of these dungeons.


Instances in Rift are really fun and spread throughout your leveling experience. By the time you’re level 20 you should definitely visit your first one (Realm of the Fae or Iron Tombs, depending on your faction). It’s arguably the easiest way to level up in this game so when you get tired of rifts and PvP be sure to group up with a few players and prepare to have some fun.

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